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A Beach breakup song- When In Rum by David Adam Byrnes

David Adam Byrnes released the beachy breakup summer song, When In Rum, on July 7th, there are already 13K listens on Spotify as I write this on the 9th of July. So let's get to the details of this song…The title for When in Rum was saved on David’s phone for quite a while waiting for the right opportunity. He said that he thought that rum needed to have a song since beer and whiskey have many. Carlton Anderson, Jay Brunswick, and David Adam Byrnes are cowriters on this beachy song, and Bart Busch and David Adam Byrnes were producers, the engineering and mixing were also done by Bart Busch. The context of When In Rum is proposed as a solution to a breakup and that is - head to the beach!

"I’ve been here the last three days

Getting burnt by the sun in a Blue Chair haze

Rum running my cares away

I don’t know where she is now

She packed up and I went south

To get a little lost in a tourist town

I’m living like a local now

When in rum

You go with the flow, lay low in the tide

Take the hurt from a heartbreak, put it on ice

Pour a blue ocean view and time in a cup

Find an island girl and mix it up

When in rum…”

David took the long, winding scenic route to get to this stage in his career and it is paying off. He became an independent artist after a messy publishing deal fell apart. David Adam Byrnes gained the confidence in himself to write the music he wanted to write instead of fitting into what was popular in the country music scene. David explained, “There's never been more freedom to be yourself… I am doing what I want to do… the way I want to do it, making it about the music”. David Adam Byrnes gained fans through his raw effort touring across the country and grew a fan base with the Texas Music Scene after moving to Texas. The Texas Music scene welcomed the traditional country sound he was striving to express while in Nashville. David Adam Byrnes described the music scene in Texas as “Texas honkytonk on a Main Street level”.

David was nominated for “New Male Vocalist of the Year” at 2 award shows in Texas and is decorated with 7 #1 songs consecutively on the Texas Regional Radio Report.

Congrats on the release of When In Rum, David Adam Byrnes, I will catch up with you again soon!

Looking forward to seeing wedding pics in the fall.

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