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A Ten Year Town

What does life look like in Nashville through the eyes of a singer-songwriter that is just getting started in a town, nicknamed a 'ten-year town'? It looks like you need to meet some people to write with, those that can encircle you, push you and help you create what you see, help you tell your story, in your words, your way. It looks like building friendships, and playing music, a bit like work but with a little fun. That is what I heard when I recently spoke with Blaine Bunting. Blaine is a singer-songwriter in Nashville, chasing his dreams from outside of Savannah, Georgia to the Country Music Capital of the World, the ten-year town where you fight like crazy to be noticed, a city full of musical talent and singing dreams. I think every career takes ten years to build skills, self-taught or educated, but Music City has gained that title and brought comfort to its seekers with it. Songwriting is a mystery to me; where do you start, where does the story go, and who it is about?

Blaine made it sound easy because he's found his niche, and found a team of people to do just that. This team of writers and friends knows how to fill in the gaps and drive an idea to completion. Blaine said his favorite part is being on stage, making a difference to someone else through his stories in songs or sometimes in someone else's song that he performs instead. He plays music on Broadway at Legends Corner a couple of times a week, AJ's Good Time Bar, and Music City Bar and Grill, all with a full band. After his move to Nashville, Blaine Bunting and his long-time friend Justin Dukes were playing an acoustic show together and a man approached him offering him a frontman position liking his style and sound and thought he would be a good fit in their band. You can hear them at the above locations throughout the week.

I have learned that artists can find the most creative ways to record music, Blaine Bunting recorded the vocals to his first song sitting in a tent made of quilts in the middle of an apartment. The quilts were a great sound barrier to the outside noise and were useful in the absorption of extra sound for the recording to be successful. Blaine Bunting has a couple of songs currently on digital platforms, he's recorded them independently and is trying to do more in 2023. Jarrett Hartness and Justin Dukes wrote a song that Blaine will soon be releasing on all digital platforms. Stay Tuned

Thank you for your time and conversation, Blaine!

More to come on IN A COUNTRY MINUTE

Blaine Bunting


photos by Sean McGee

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