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Adam Brandt making his mark in the Minnesota music scene

Adam Brandt is a Minnesota country artist, honing his craft through songwriting and performing around the Twin Cities, trying to revive the local country music scene in the downtown areas at his favorite venues. Adam is a University of Minnesota graduate who started recording music with a college buddy during the pandemic out of pure boredom. Most of his current bandmates are also University of Minnesota graduates that met in college. They are a full year into performing around the Twin Cities area. Adam Brandt was nominated for New Artist of the Year at the Midwest Country Music Organization Awards show held in Iowa in April. Adam is a multi-instrumentalist, who initially began his music interests as a bass player and has transitioned into learning other instruments to focus on being the frontman for his band.

photos by (top Left) Igor Kovalchuk (top right) Mika McCraken (b&w bottom) Jonny Puder

Adam Brandt released his first EP, Red Lights in the summer of 2022, and had a successful release show, playing the bar scene and smaller venues in the Cities over the winter. Adam is now jumping into a few festivals this summer including Corcoran Country Daze and the Livin Music Festival. Adam is a native of Minnesota and is setting his focus on the Minnesota music scene. The band is expanding and a fiddle player will be joining the band later this summer. Adam Brandt and his band try not to use radio hits to cover so instead they “country-fy” songs that keep the audience engaged as they perform familiar songs in a different way. He keeps the set list light with different genres mixing in his originals as well. Parker McCollum is a big influence musically but other influences are bluegrass artists and music with a banjo tops the list. Adam Brandt's second EP is in the works it should be released in the fall of 2023. Songwriting is a passion for Adam Brandt and the new EP will consist of a mix of solo-written songs and co-written songs as well.

Thank you Adam Brandt for chatting with me In A Country Minute about your life and musical endeavors! See you soon!



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