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Allie Colleen talking about Tattoos

Allie Colleen released Tattoos earlier this summer, and WOW, this single is sexy, thought-provoking, fearless, bold, and flirty. I fully expected Tattoos to be about her with a rock country sound but that is not the case. It is more of a ballad with a passionately romantic tone. Tattoos questions the picture of what you think of when you see someone with visible tattoos and the wonder of what you don't see that they may be hiding. Tattoos was co-written by Sara Brice, DeLeah Shane, and Will Garrett, produced by ProdByDom, and mixed by Cody Labelle.

Allie Colleen photo by Victoria Roth

Ain’t try’n a complicate

A simple feeling

Pull the trigger

Put your hands on my body

Just a little taste

My heart ain’t gonna break

Chalk it up to bein’ naughty

I wanna be all over you

Like those tattoos…”

Tattoos will be on Allie Colleen's next album and she is focused on showcasing herself as a performer and artist. Allie Colleen's debut album, Stones, 2021, reflected Allie as a songwriter. Allie is adaptive to her music fans and has recognized the wants of our current music culture. This generation of listeners has so much access to music that it raises a couple of questions for Allie when she is working on an album, "does it need to be in a genre or does it need to just reflect the artist?"

Allie's music style falls into the mix of classic country but blends modern country as well. She has a strong voice and vulnerability in her lyrics that captivate the listener. Allie said she enjoys performing on stage and she pays attention to the cues from her audience about the song choices in her setlist. Allie Colleen began singing and writing as a young girl. She attended Belmont University and graduated with a degree in songwriting. Allie did some studying abroad which gave her a unique perspective of European culture. Actually, as we were talking, she was packing to go to Greece for a photo shoot, work on media content, and get in a little leisure time.

You can't talk about Allie Colleen and not about tattoos, not only is it the title of her recent single but it is also used as a description of her. Allie loves body art and is covered in beautiful art pieces. She had her sleeves planned before she was old enough to get them. She has one sleeve of colored flowers representing each family member and the other sleeve is black and white, faith-based with scriptures and spiritual representation. She said that way she can have what she loves and believes with her, ” there is not a hand I shake where I don’t see my people." Allie also has a firefly tattoo on her throat that signifies the firefly in the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog, her favorite cartoon. The firefly's character is determined and supportive in the movie. She has temporary tattoos available of the firefly at her merchandise table at her shows.

I asked Allie if there was a piece of advice that sticks with her and who it was from. She said her dad told her when she was young, (to) "Put your head down and run". She said it wasn't until she was older that she understood he meant to "keep your focus on your goals, no matter what people say and think. "

Allie Colleen photo by Victoria Roth

Thank you, Allie Colleen, for taking the time to talk to me about your career, life, and Tattoos.

I really appreciate you chatting with me In A Country Minute.


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