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Caitlynne Curtis, the story behind Where You Left Off

I spoke with the multi-talented Caitlynne Curtis recently about the tribute song she released on Father’s Day weekend about her dad. Where You Left Off is a song of admiration about Caitlynne’s dad and her gratitude and appreciation for her dad choosing to put his dreams aside to be the provider of their household when she was growing up.

"Picking up where you left off

I hope you know your dreams aint lost

Using everything you taught me to be

Hopefully you can see that

I'm picking up where you left off"

("Where You Left Off' by Caitlynne Curtis)

Caitlynne’s musical talents started when she was 6 years old. Caitlynne has grown up in Nashville and is a single mother of an 8-year-old son chasing her own dreams of playing and writing music. Caitlynne put her career aside after he was born, and became a car saleswoman trying to have what she expressed as more stability but hating it, she went back to her music career. Struggle Jennings discovered Caitlynne Curtis on social media where they started their professional collaborations. Caitlynne has expanded her creative world of writing songs to include Where You Left Off as her first country single, using it as a turning point in her career.

Caitlynne Curtis has successfully released singles, albums, and EPs, some singles with Struggle Jennings, and is joining Struggle Jennings on tour opening for Jelly Roll on the Backroad Baptism tour. Caitlynne Curtis has 11 songs in the works for a new album and more singles will be dropping until it is at full completion. She has the tour stops listed on her Instagram page where she’ll be performing.

Thank you Caitlynne for sharing your dads story with me In A Country Minute


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