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Cole Swindell, STEREOTYPE, 4th studio album and on tour

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

How can anyone not be excited about this upcoming album? STEREOTYPE, Swindell’s 4th studio album is set to release April 8th. The 4 songs that have preceded this full album release were kicked off with Single Saturday Night, which on Spotify is boasting 82 MILLION streams; then there's Some Habits which has a music video featuring Swindell's beautiful girlfriend Courtney Little, and then Never Say Never - the duet with the talented Lainey Wilson, which released in November ‘21. I’m Gonna Let Her is the most recent song release and is available on your favorite steaming service.

Cole penned the song list to STEREOTYPE on a short video on his Instagram page as a contest to win the handwritten track list. To see the full list, get your fingers ready for that screenshot. It gave me flashbacks to watching MTV as a teenager and waiting for my favorite videos to play and then record. (Shout out to the 80’s kids who know exactly what I am talking about! HA!) The album will consist of 13 total songs and includes the tour title as a track featuring Hardy. Preorder STEREOTYPE on Cole Swindell's website

March 26,’22 Cole Swindell is bringing the Down to the Bar tour to Mankato, Mn at the Mayo Clinic Event Center with special guests Travis Denning and Ashley Cooke.

Cole Swindell and Joel Hutsell in St Paul at the Myth

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