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Country Music According to Tulsa

photo by Tom Harris
Bryce A. Dicus

Oklahoma native Bryce A. Dicus is a singer-songwriter who began playing guitar as a young teen and was playing gigs even through high school. He was also a wrestling athlete through college. He has been able to continue working in both of these fields. Bryce took advantage of the last few years of being off the road to expand his musical craft. That time gave him the opportunity to focus on writing more music and building a home studio. He wrote 40 songs in a 2 year period just shy of a song a month, putting that home studio to good use. He discovered that he is part of a large group of songwriters in Oklahoma which inspired Bryce to start a showcase emphasizing the writers in the area. The Hometown Writers Round takes place once a month at The Hunt Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The showcase is gaining publicity and has a waitlist for artists to join in. Bryce has played many shows at the Hunt Club for nearly a decade. The location is close to another popular music venue, Cain's Ballroom, for which Bryce has frequently played the afterparty show at The Hunt Club. For the time being, Bryce A. Dicus has been playing gigs once or twice a month, for good reason, he has been lending his talents to coaching youth wrestling, organizing the artist showcase, and getting ready to release a 12-song album coming in April. Bryce A. Dicus and The Mercenaries will expand their playing schedule after the wrestling season concludes and the full album has dropped.

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Anywhere but Tulsa has a fun assortment for all country music tastes, from acoustic ballads to a little Country-Rock and a little bit of Red Dirt country. The influences of 90's country, Cody Johnson and Randy Montana show through his writing style and rhythmic instrumental sounds.

The first single release from Anywhere but Tulsa will be coming Feb 17th and the full album will be available April 28th.


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