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David Tucker's What You Think About This Song

David Tucker photo by Doltyn Sneddin - DS Creatives

I recently spoke with David Tucker, and of course, we first started talking about his recent single- What You Think About This Song. David Tucker, Jake Saghi, and Nathan Chapman wrote this clever song about a man unable to tell how this woman feels about him so he has her listen to a song about her and how he feels about her. What You Think About This Song uses the lyrics to find out if she likes him back. David explained, "He'll know she does if he gets a good response, if he doesn’t, the second verse gives him a back out."

The music video for What You Think About This Song was released on May 12. A second stripped-down version was also released on June 2nd, using a steel guitar and piano also with a complementing music video.

The music videos are available to watch on a variety of channels including Vevo Country TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, and the Discover Channel.

What You Think About This Song is the 2nd release for David Tucker this year following a life-changing event. He was involved in a severe car accident in the Spring of 2021 that put his career and life on hold to recover. David spent nearly a year and a half recuperating from his injuries. The accident changed his perspective, showing him how it wasn't just physical but also emotional and mental recovery. David's story is a testimony of his faith and determination. The first single David released following his recovery was an inspirational song titled Water It Down. The music video was filmed in Pennsylvania and recreated the car accident that David was involved in and the recovery.

David Tucker will release two more singles and music videos this year leading up to the 6-song EP which will be available in late September.

It was a pleasure to speak with you, David Tucker. thank you for taking the time to tell me your story In A Country Minute.

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