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Deeper Shade of Blue-Collar, a tribute to hard-working America by Brady Seals

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

It is hard not to list all of Brady Seals' accomplishments and it is impressive to hear how many things he is involved with, he is a busy guy. Brady agreed with that assessment saying he started his career on a full schedule with Little Texas who was known as the hardest-working band in country music back in the 90s, touring constantly and it has just continued that way since. When Brady is on the road driving to his solo shows, he is often recording himself singing or humming melodies.

Brady Seals - photo by Dieter Spears

Brady said he has been sitting on this latest release for a while. Brady Seals produced Deeper Shade of Blue-Collar, written by Bill Whyte, Kathy Whyte, and Brady Seals in appreciation of the hard workers in America, the backbone of our country. The lyrics and context of Deeper Shade of Blue-Collar hold a strong meaning to Brady. He comes from a family of blue-collar workers, so this tribute song is also for them. It is for his dad who worked for General Motors as a crane operator, and his grandpa who was a sharecropper in Kentucky. Brady found himself reliving the stories of his family's toughness by talking to me about them, what their lives were like, and what they endured. It is an anthem song for the American hard-working class.

(segment of Deeper Shade of Blue Collar)

Brady and I also talked a little bit about Seals and Crofts 2, it was interesting to hear the story of how that all started. In 2017, Brady had it in mind to put an album together with a collection of songs by his musical family members. During that process, reconnected with Lua Crofts. Brady and Lua toured together after his exit from Little Texas. Lua and Brady decided they should start a duo after her dad approved of them using the Seals and Crofts name (Lua Crofts is Dash Crofts's daughter) and became Seals and Crofts 2. Brady is touring with Seals and Crofts 2, touring independently, and is also involved in The Petty Junkies, a Tom Petty tribute band in Nashville.

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Brady Seals, it was a pleasure...Thanks so much for sharing your stories and talents with me In A Country Minute.



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