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Diamonds and Whiskey, the perfect combination of comfort and sparkle

Glamorous and casual, that’s the word picture I got when I heard the band name Diamonds and Whiskey. That picture is completely fitting for this band, the lead singer is Jennifer Lauren and I had a chance to talk with her a few days ago. Diamonds and Whiskey were on their new bus (thanks to DARK MOON) traveling to the 2nd tour stop on the North Dakota Country Fest Your Town Tour with David Lee Murphy and Julia Cole. J.Lauren is a talented lady from Charlotte, North Carolina, and the heart of Diamonds and Whiskey. The full band is made up of Logan Foland on guitar and vocals, Brandon Lambert on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and vocals, Ryan Joffe on bass, and Tom Willhelm on drums and also vocals. Jennifer talked to me about her life and what an inspirational and triumphant story that is. Let me elaborate slightly, Jennifer Lauren was diagnosed with lime's disease after suffering from symptoms for many years, is in remission from cancer, and has recently recovered from a few surgeries following a terrible car accident. It seems like a long list but she hasn't let it slow her down. She’s a powerful lyricist, guitar player, energetic performer, and a mom, not afraid of getting her hands dirty working on cars or catching fish. The songs she has written are relatable and connect to fans so well, but it’s also the power and intensity of her voice that will leave you wanting more. Jennifer said she has gotten comfortable with being open about her life and incorporated her personal stories into her lyrics. She said, "It has brought me peace.", knowing people can relate to her and that has allowed her to be authentic in her music. Jennifer has had many responses from fans finding comfort in her lyrics, realizing that they are not alone in 'their own fight' whatever that may mean in their own lives. Diamonds and Whiskey’s latest song release WALK HARD is a story of the beginning of a new relationship and navigating through the old heartache and emotions left from the previous relationship. The influences of southern country rock are evident in the musicianship of this track and the well-crafted video has over 70K views on Youtube.

Diamonds and Whiskey will be releasing their sophomore album BLONDE AMBITION later this year.

You can find them on tour this week in South Dakota and in Dilworth, Mn on April 2

Click the buttons below for their website, video link, and social media pages

you can find their music on Spotify and Itunes as well. Happy Listening!

Diamonds and Whiskey
Jennifer Lauren of Diamonds and Whiskey- Photo by Garin Hyde, IG @hydeography

Diamonds and Whiskey
Jennifer Lauren- Diamonds and Whiskey, photo by North Dakota Country Fest

Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to talk with me ( you could have been sleeping instead, ;) ) Hope we can chat again!


cover photo by Garin Hyde @hydeography

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