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Don Louis Taking Texas By Storm

Country music has a wide variety of styles represented under its umbrella. Traditional, modern, and rock country all fit under the arch of the umbrella. Country music is rooted in gospel and bluegrass styles where writers have weaved their faith into their music and lyrics, paving the way for other genres to discuss their beliefs.

Don Louis Photo by Mad Brother Co.

Texas artist Don Louis dived into the country music scene and is quickly gaining a following from TikTok from his single Neon You off of his 7-song EP This is for You. Don Louis was raised in Commerce, Tx, a small college town known for football. It was no surprise that with his 6'4" frame, he played football in high school, and continued in college on a football scholarship but ended his college career after a couple of injuries. He began working on writing music and singing songs, his deep sultry tone captivating attention. Don diligently studies traditional and modern country music making sure his individuality stands out in the Texas country music scene. Don has put emphasis on building music with substance and entertaining his audiences with soulful mixes of music. Don makes monthly trips to Nashville booking 3 writing sessions per day for a week at a time and soaking up knowledge from those seasoned writers. Don Louis integrates his faith in lyrical art in songs like Homecoming catagorizing himself as a "redemption country singer". His soulful tone glides confidently through the lyrics grabbing your attention to the message in the song.

Don Louis is taking Texas by storm filling up shows across the state and will be expanding his live shows in the neighboring states through the Spring and Summer. He is busy utilizing social media to build his fan base and it is growing on his social media platforms at record speed. He routinely adds fresh content and video clips of his music to those sites. To keep up with Don, click the buttons below.

Don Louis's newest release Bad Decisions is available on March 31

Thank you Don Louis for sharing your positive influence through music and chatting with me about all of that!


In A Country Minute

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