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Girls Next Door 2.0, the next level

Girls Next Door have reunited after a long hiatus and have released their first single What’s This Thing (You’ve Got About Leaving) , with more on the way. The quartet singers - Diane, Cindy, Tammy, and Doris's lives look much different now than when they gave their music careers a break in 1991. Their lives moved into enjoying their families and events that have truly encouraged their faith and kept their friendships strong. During their music break, Diane and Doris were both diagnosed with cancer and conquered it. (Praise the Lord)

They had parents to take care of and children to raise. They kept trying to reconnect but life got in the way over and over. So they waited until they felt the time was right. In the Spring of 2022, Girls Next Door performed a reunion show, and the path to a return began to fall into place. They know it's God's timing and expressed how they are well aware of His blessing on them and their friendships.

Girls Next Door began touring together in the early 80s and their first songs were released in 1986. They first met as performers at Opryland Music Park. They were reminiscing and said that some of those days," it was like a BootCamp, dressed in heavy costumes doing the same performance six times a day all with the choreography in the heat". They all laughed saying "It taught you to smile when you feel like crap." Girls Next Door toured for two years before they were even ‘known’ opening for an impressive list of A-list artists. At that time, they were traveling in a 15-passenger van with a horse trailer in tow for their equipment transportation covered in garbage bags to keep everything protected. Girls Next Door paid their dues on the road in their earlier music days. They told me a story about a show in the 80s that the event host would only pay them if they sang despite the prediction of a thunderstorm. Girls Next Door found a (working) barn to perform in, filled with all of the hay you can imagine, animals, and all the scents that go with it to get that paycheck. Those character-building and humbling experiences are now humorous to recite.

Girls Next Door 2.0 are back together with their signature harmonies and energetic tempo with their new single What’s This Thing (You’ve Got About Leaving). The lyrics address the dedication it takes for a relationship to work. What’s This Thing (You’ve Got About Leaving) was written by TW Hale and Roger Murrah. Girls Next Door chose this song because of the relatable message and the harmonious chorus in the beginning. The songs they chose to sing are integrated with their faith, values and have separate parts for the four of them to showcase their talents.

...What’s this thing you’ve got about leaving

Just when love starts gettin’ good

You’re up and gone without any reason

And that’s something I’ve never understood

If we’re ever gonna make it

We’re gonna have to make this right

What’s this thing you’ve got about leaving

You come and go and that’s not fair

But giving up I don’t want to go there

We’ve come too far to lose it all

People change fall out of love

A broken heart is that what you’re afraid of…

It’s time for us to talk"

Earlier this summer Girls Next Door enjoyed playing at the Opry House for Sunday Morning Country during CMA Fest. Girls Next Door has a few scheduled events this year including at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky on Aug 23rd.

Keep an eye out for their next single coming in early September- When the Water is Down.

The Girls Next Door are expanding their reach into Christian music markets to further share their faith and hoping to work into recording a Christmas album.

It was a pleasure to talk to the Girls Next Door and I look forward to catching up with them again in the future for In A Country Minute!


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