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Good Time Machine and Somewhere Better to Be, from Jake Bush

Jake Bush is a renowned Texas artist with 6 songs hitting number 1 on the Texas Radio Chart since 2020. Jake successfully released Gravity and You as his 1st single off his album titled 7 in October 2020, followed by Better By Beer securing his 2nd number 1 hit. Where 90s Meets Now was the 2nd album that dropped a few more hits for Jake in 2022, including Cowgirl.

Jake Bush grew up in Pasadena, Texas as the youngest of 5, and served in the United States Army Reserves after completing high school. He grew up on 90s country and is determined to continue making music dedicated to traditional country music. Jake has kicked off 2024 with Good Time Machine written by Dan Alley, Dan Hutson, and Dan Sheroky. Good Time Machine is a walk down memory lane reminiscing with 90’s country music from Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, and Reba playing on the jukebox. 

Jake’s second release is Somewhere Better to Be written by Don Alley, Tim Nichols, and Greg Bates. The song paints a picture that was "too close to my story not to cut the song", explained Jake, newly married and celebrating almost 3 years of sobriety. The lyrics of Somewhere Better to Be highlight the switch from drinking days to sobriety and the shift in importance and priorities.

"I was the king of the bar 

I was a friend of the band

I never went too long with an empty can in my hand

I shut the neon down ‘round two or three

Had some of the best times of my life

Till I had somewhere better to be


She’s got me checking my phone

She’s got me burning the road up

Fast as my truck can get to her place…”

Jake Bush started writing songs about sobriety before he was sober or even trying to be and thinks that it helped him with his sobriety. Jake said he gets song ideas from conversations, movie scenes, and random things that most people probably don’t pay attention to. Jake doesn’t stop tweaking songs until they are recorded, that is when he has to be 'completely finished' with them.

There is a plan to release a few more songs with a full album possibly out in the fall. Until then, check Jake Bush's website for tour updates!

Thank you, Jake, for your time and fun conversation, it was nice to meet you, In A Country Minute.


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