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'He Himself and Him', the next dating anthem by Annie Vander

Annie Vander has recently released a song, He Himself and Him. This is Annie Vander's second single sent out for radio play! The first song, Falling into Nashville, had enough radio play to get her on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. He Himself and Him was penned by songwriters David Norris and Cece DuBois and the lyrics are so relatable Annie couldn’t refuse it. The song is the story of a bad date with a self-centered man and all of what that entails. Every woman has had a dating experience where the guy has an ego so big that you may as well not even be in the room. Annie Vander sings it with a sassy, contagious energy making He Himself and Him a powerful anthem not to settle for an ego-filled man.

I’ll sit and text act like I’m listening

Keep smiling so he thinks I’m tuned in

He might as well be talking to a wall

Y’see I checked out early this evening

About now I oughta be receiving

A prearranged emergency call

My girlfriends always take one for the team

They’d stop everything just to rescue me from

He himself and him

I’m so sick and tired of them

He always acts so proud

Every time that we go out

But who am I to pretend

It’s all about he himself and him

Annie Vander is an Illinois native who grew up loving to sing. Annie was active in the choir and played in the band in school. Annie put music aside and became a veterinarian tech and then owned her own pet care business until 2019. She had a health diagnosis to battle which forced her to change her career. She went into remission from her illness and Annie reached out to a vocal coach in Nashville and started on the journey to be a professional singer. Annie is writing and cowriting songs, keeping her focus on the ideas for songs that have some ‘real estate’ in the lyrics. The Nashville songwriting community has embraced her and she is traveling back and forth from her Illinois home to create more music with her producer and songwriting team in Nashville whenever possible. Annie's creativity sees the simplest things in a lyrical context and gets ideas for songs in random daily moments which makes her music quite relatable. Annie is booking shows locally in the Chicago area and the Midwest and will be starting back on a radio tour introducing herself and her music to radio stations.

Keep up with Annie Vander on her social media accounts by clicking the links in the article and the buttons below.

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