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Heart on the Line by Orlando Mendez, the Cuban Cowboy

I talked with Orlando Mendez about his music career and his recent single Heart on the Line, released in early September. Orlando's smooth delivery of Heart on the Line tells of his personal connection to the lyrics. Heart on the Line is a vulnerable heartfelt song of self-reflection and discovery. Orlando focuses on writing songs with meaningful stories and personal inspirations.

Orlando was raised in Miami, Florida, where his dad exposed him to a large variety of musical artists, anywhere from Green Day to 90’s Punk Rock. Those influences show in his showmanship and stage energy as well as his Cuban culture earning him the nickname, The Cuban Cowboy.

Orlando Mendez attended the University of Florida and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance. He was involved in nearly every school stage performance as a young actor. Before the entertainment industry was shut down during the pandemic, Orlando was traveling to New York City and to South Florida beginning a busy career in film, commercial acting, and stage performing.

During the shutdowns, he found songwriting as a creative outlet and learned to play guitar. Orlando’s experience in stage performing has given him the confidence to comfortably sing on stage, he's even able to drown out the crowd noise. While he’s on stage, he feeds off the crowd’s energy.

You might recognize Orlando Mendez, he competed on The Voice and sang Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs, and made it to the top 20 before his exit on the 22nd Season of the hit show. Orlando said he had a great experience on The Voice and took experiences he couldn't gain anywhere else.

Orlando gave me a list of songwriters that he is a fan of and would like to write with such as Trent Tomlinson, Andy Sheridan, Wyatt McCubbin, Ashley Gorley, Randy Montana, Erik Dylan, and Jason Nix. Orlando is writing music every day and is finishing up an EP that will be coming out soon. Keep up with him on his social media pages and website. (linked throughout the post)

thank you, Orlando for your time and fun conversation. Can't wait to hear the whole EP In A Country Minute!


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