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It's pronounced Moe-DeLL not model....

I got a chance to chat with Minnesota artist MoeDeLL recently. We talked about life, music, style and keeping music true to his own sound and style in such a competitive industry. I struggle putting a title on his style, he’s a bit country, blue grass, Americana and folk music mixed all together. MoeDeLL finds his writing inspiration in his own life and life experiences with his family. Writing music seems to have taught him to pay attention to the small things, the details of daily life, such as the “mom watching her young child smiling back at her at the grocery store.” Nature and its calming perspective have taken root in his writing as well. We laughed about embarrassing life moments, and personal experiences in opening for national artists such as Cheap Trick and Brett Michaels. The experiences he has gained from traveling and playing music in venues or festivals has trickled down well into his songwriting. He has written relatable songs with deep meanings. From his beginnings in Southern Virginia and continuing an amazing 250+ shows a year in Minnesota and the surrounding areas. MoeDeLL can sing just about anything successfully from Johnny Cash and Tom Petty but he has such a great catalog of his own material, it is unnecessary for him to do many of those songs as fillers. He has a household name in this part of Minnesota and has built a great fan base here, so here he stays even with the cold winters and short, sweet summers. We learned that we will never be ice fishing buddies (personal joke) but other than that we have a lot in common especially in the love of music and information. I really appreciate your time and humor to add to my blog, Thanks MoeDeLL! definitely chat again soon! This content block can only be edited from a browser MoeDeLL was nominated for Songwriter of the Year, Album of the Year, and Americana Artist of the Year for 2020/21 at Midwest CMO awards. I was hoping to see him in person at this year’s awards show, but MoeDeLL was not able to be in attendance. You can keep up with MoeDeLL on his social media pages on Facebook Instagram and Twitter Cover photo credit goes to Mike Lardy Creative Studio Blog Photo credit goes to Flow State Photography

Photo by FlowState Photography

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