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Jake Birdseye-Keeping it Country in MN

Getting to know artists is one of my favorite hobbies. In my attempt to break the ice, I ask a series of questions that most people will answer without much thought involved. My first question is typically 'Who do you like to listen to?' It's a good start, people are highly influenced by sights and sounds and music is a huge component of that influence. It will tell you a lot about a person to see or hear their music selections.

Jake Birdseye by Stacy Anderson Photography

I recently talked with Jake Birdseye, an artist from Cloquet, Minnesota and of course, my first questions for him were 'who do you like and who are you listening to?' Jake's initial response was Cody Jinks, and then a few favorite Red Dirt Texas Country artists were in the mix, like Randy Rogers Band and Cody Johnson, and Casey Donahew was on that list also. Of course, traditional country artists are all influences for him as well.

My next question tends to be, 'how do you spend your time?' and I actually didn't need to ask him that. Jake Birdseye is a songwriter and he talked about his creative songwriting process. Jake said "There are no set rules to songwriting and keeping the process fresh" is what every songwriter strives to do. How does a songwriter do that? Everyone has their methods, Jake listens to other artists' music and attends concerts, paying attention to the band's stage presence and fan interaction. Jake attended the Old Dominion and Frank Ray concert at the Amsoil Arena in Duluth, MN. Jake and Stacy were invited to be side stage for the performances after meeting Frank Ray and his team. Watching a show from the stage is by far the best perspective and it is easy to soak up the energy in the event center.

Jake Birdseye is currently working on releasing a six-song EP, hoping to be out this Spring. Jake likes to write alone mostly but is working on a cowrite (possibly more) with his friend Mike Villalva from Up South Band for this EP. There are many factors to consider while getting ready to publish music, recording and writing seems like the easier side of that list for Jake Birdseye. Jake is an introspective person who frequently writes about his road life. He drives a semi-truck and delivers heavy equipment to different locations across the state and then gigs at night or on weekends. He plays well-known artists' songs in his sets anywhere from Merle Haggard to Morgan Wallen, mixing his original music into the set lists.

You can catch Jake Birdseye for acoustic shows for the time being, possibly adding some sets with a few other artists later this year. He is busy with his young family and to add to the excitement, Jake and Stacy are expecting their third child in late summer. Congratulations!

Thank you Jake for sharing your fun stories

and understanding my introvertedly

embarrassing conversations, until next time...

that's what Jake Birdseye is up to, in a country minute


Upcoming shows

Beacon Sports Bar and Grill- March 15th @ 6 PM

Island Lake Inn - March 18th @ 8 PM


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