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Jordan Rainer on the Straight Shot Tour

Jordan Rainer is on the Straight Shot Tour following her latest release Straight Shot.

I talked with her after her first night on this headlining tour. Her first stop was at the Mars Music Hall in Huntsville, Alabama. Jordan had brought one guitar pick with her on stage and for the first time, she dropped it just before the chorus of Straight Shot. She had to try to spot it on the stage and paused while the band continued to play. The timing of that pause increased the energy in the crowd and they started screaming in response, now she said they would add a pause on purpose during that part of the song.

Jordan Rainer became a household name during the 24th season of The Voice after landing on Reba McEntire’s team from a four-chair turn. "Reba was an amazing coach, humble and genuine, exactly how you have imagined her to be." Jordan Rainer gained a lot of attention during the competition, not only for her talent but also for her wardrobe of all black. Fans gave her the nickname "The Woman in Black". Jordan said her wardrobe is primarily black, even her loungewear. Jordan and her team prepared for the influx of fans from the show while waiting for the airing of the recorded episodes of The Voice after the tapings were completed. Jordan has a style unlike anyone else in country music, she's tough and raw which shows off her roots in Texas and Oklahoma. She believes music should reflect the audience it was designed to represent, and will hold herself to those standards while writing and performing music.

Jordan Rainer photo courtesy of Brickshore Media

Jordan Rainer held an interest in music from the toddler stage trying to play on their family piano. Jordan received her first guitar as a Christmas gift at 12 years old and began playing with the help of her dad and a few chords. Jordan was born in Oklahoma and lived in both Oklahoma and Texas until moving to Nashville. Nashville is proving its reputation to her as The 10-year town, paying her dues as an artist. The persistence and confidence Jordan brought with her to Nashville from her roots in Texas and Oklahoma mixed with the discipline that the music scene taught her in Nashville has developed her into an incredible writer and performer. Jordan Rainer recently had her first #1 with Straight Shot on the Texas Regional Radio Chart. Jordan Rainer took home the New Female Vocalist of the Year and the New Faces of Texas Country Award at the Texas Country Music Awards in 2023. Jordan co-wrote Three People making it a #1 song for Sundance Head. Jordan currently has songs on hold for some of country music’s top artists.

 Jordan Rainer enjoys performing shows and prefers to play in a seated theater setting where she can mix in a little bit of stand-up comedy and talk about the stories behind the music.

The Straight Shot Tour kicked off in January and has some dates that Jordan will coheadline and collaborate with other artists who competed alongside her on The Voice.

Jordan and I talked about all of the aspects of music, writing, touring, and performing, but also how she deals with the negative sides of it all. Some of the toughest obstacles for her were being told 'no', remaining confident in herself, and patiently waiting for the right person to hear her. Jordan is a confident performer and it is hard to see her as a person who has had to deal with stage fright or anxiety, but like most people, she certainly has. During an episode on the Voice, she had to deal with it and afterward, Reba (and Rex) gave her some pointers to use for any future situations. They started by telling her the names of a few well-known artists who also deal with stage fright. She has learned that you can reset your brain by using your other senses and moving your focus away from what is putting your thoughts into hyperfocus. Look around, find 3 things to look for in a specific color, touch and feel something and focus on the details of that, switch to scents, and pay attention to what you can smell. Jordan said she has learned a few more tricks and they worked for her.

Catch Jordan Rainer on tour with dates added continuously on her website

Thank you, Jordan Rainer for sharing your stories with me In A Country Minute!


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