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Justin Dukes has a Ring For Sale

Songwriters tend to write about their own experiences. It makes their songs relatable and engages a crucial emotional connection to the lyrics. The mood of the song is expressed through the vocal ability of the singer. Their ability to capture the vocal influx appropriately to the lyrics set the story on a visual course. The listener can then connect to the song in a memorable emotional way. Songwriters have a gift to do this with a 3-4 minute lyric.

Justin Dukes and Jarrett Hartness wrote Ring for Sale with the influence of a real-life breakup story. The lyrics circle around how hard selling the engagement ring is while every detail of the relationship stirs through every thought. Such a sad and relatable picture it creates.

Writing and performing songs like this one, in some ways is like acting, you pretend to be the person in the story to connect their emotions.

Justin is originally from Vidalia, Georgia where he started singing and playing guitar as a young teen and started playing shows in high school. He moved to Nashville about 8 years ago to further his songwriting career. Up until the last few years, Justin played in nearly 200 shows a year. He has been the opening artist for several nationally known artists, from Shenandoah and Vince Gill to Charlie Daniels,

Justin Dukes's deep southern sound and writing style are a true testament to his musical heroes and George Jones is at the top of that list with Merle Haggard not too far behind. Justin's main focus is songwriting even though he is also a performing artist he has been writing many songs every week. He has, on occasion had to find a solution to the frustration of writer's block. His tip was to walk away, take a break and refocus. Justin's future goals include releasing more music and performing on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Justin Dukes has some other published co-written songs, some of which are with Matt Jordan on his album The Gamble.

Thank you Justin Dukes for giving me an introduction to your talents, in a country minute seems too short to showcase all the talent I find.



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