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KEEY K102 hosted a Secret Show in Maplewood

The anticipation of the first-ever secret show that KEEY K102 FM had built up ended at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. After weeks of listeners winning tickets and waiting for anyone to slip up and break their silence about this top-secret event was almost over. The only clues given at this point were that there would be 2 artists; the headliner and an opener. A buzz in the crowd of people guessing who they thought it would be was continuously interrupted by music videos playing on the screens on the sides of the stage which added ideas to the chatter of who might take the stage. The KEEY K102 DJs and Dave from Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union came out on stage to start the night off by opening up a sealed envelope to reveal the opening artist’s name- Nate Smith!

Nate Smith introduced himself and began his set. Nate went on to explain his history in California and his move from a nursing career to music and then how he moved to Nashville. Nate Smith brought 2 guitarists to play the set with him and explained he was recovering from carpal tunnel surgery which is why he wasn’t playing his guitar. Nate energized the crowd singing Sleeve, World on Fire, and of course, Whiskey on You which boasts 157 million listens on Spotify alone, and then covered Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box. Nate Smith was a fantastic start to the Secret Show with his powerful vocals and storytelling charm. Listening to him laugh and tease the crowd showed how fun his personality is as well. 

The headliner was soon to be announced by the KEEY K102 DJs which brought the buzzing back to the waiting crowd that packed out the Myth Nightclub in Maplewood, MN. Who was next? The DJs started with a few hints; an Opry Member, how many hit songs HE has, called a modern-day traditional country singer and the guesses continued… until the envelope was opened by Muss and Amy James announcing the headliner- Chris Young! 

Chris Young started out with an explanation that he was just getting over being sick so if his voice was a little rough we would understand… in my opinion, I couldn’t tell at all! Chris has so many well-known songs in his collection, there was no way to guess what he was going to start with. Chris Young sang Famous Friends, Aw Naw, Getting You Home, Tomorrow, and The Man I Want to Be, to name a few but also charmed the crowd with a nod to Keith Whitley, Brooks and Dunn and Conway Twitty. Chris Young also sang Drowning written after his friend’s untimely death, then had the crowd light up the Myth with their phones in remembrance of lost loved ones. Chris Young brought his humor and unmatched vocals to this first Secret Show showing his commitment to country radio and traditional country music.

KEEY K102 DJs left us with the exciting impression that there will be more of these Secret Shows in the future. Thank you KEEY K102 for putting on top-notch shows for fans!

Until next time, that was the first Secret Show for KEEY K102 In A Country Minute!


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