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Kent Blazy talks about his project - From the Beatles to the Bluebird

Kent Blazy is a decorated songwriter with credits on 7 number-one songs. With that being said, you can’t separate Kent from the artists who have cut his songs or the stories surrounding those songs. So we are digging into a bit of history before we can start talking about Kent’s latest project From The Beatles to the Bluebird. The explanation of the album title will unfold as we dig in. Kent Blazy began writing songs with Garth Brooks after they met in 1987. Garth Brooks was singing demos for Blazy and other songwriters as well but had been repeatedly turned down by music labels. Capitol Records representatives were at the Bluebird Cafe ready to listen to an artist that didn’t show up for their set and Garth was called to come and sing one song, Garth chose If Tomorrow Never Comes, written by Kent Blazy and Garth, which caught their attention. Capitol Records signed Garth to a record deal in June of 1988 and If Tomorrow Never Comes became Brooks and Blazy’s first hit song in 1989. Kent Blazy and Garth have written many songs together including Ain’t Goin’ Down (’Til The Sun Comes Up) and Somewhere Other Than the Night. Kent Blazy has written songs recorded by many other artists including Gary Morris, Diamond Rio, Patty Loveless, Chris Young, and Danny Gokey. Kent Blazy recently took a trip to Liverpool, England, and toured historical sites relating to The Beatles and their impact on music. Kent had a photo taken with the bronze statue of The Beatles while he wearing his Bluebird Cafe sweatshirt realizing that he was in a full circle moment. The ideas for this album and the title came flooding in and he went to work.

Steve Allen co-wrote February 9th,1964 and Deeper Into You which are the book-end songs on the From the Beatles to the Bluebird album. Kent Blazy wrote the remaining songs as a solo writer. The album serenades you through decades of Kent Blazy’s musical influences starting with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show (February 9th, 1964), and songs about playing shows in Nashville, writing songs, and how aging musicians are defying the odds of the music industry by recording and performing in their elder years (Stay Wild). From The Beatles to the Bluebird was done in a single rehearsal and recorded in the Sound Emporium Studio with the talents of Lee Francis playing bass and Kevin Murphy on drums. A few instrumentals were added later but the basic recordings were completed in one day. The last song on the album, Deeper Into You was recorded at The Church Studio in Tulsa.

From The Beatles to the Bluebird (tracklist)

1. February 9th, 1964 (Kent Blazy, Steve Allen)

2. Beatles to the Bluebird Cafe (Kent Blazy)

3. Just Writing Songs (Kent Blazy)

4. Die Young (Kent Blazy)

5. Birds on a High Line (Kent Blazy)

6. Stay Wild (Kent Blazy)

7. Young Man Living In An Old Man’s Town (Kent Blazy)

8. Not Really Living (Kent Blazy)

9. Love to Love You (Kent Blazy)

10. The Gift She Is (Kent Blazy)

11. Deeper Into You (Kent Blazy, Steve Allen

Kent Blazy talked about his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Garth Brooks had called Kent via Zoom to ask him to accompany him to a special CBS was doing on songwriters, Kent Blazy declined due to a previous engagement on the same date. Garth told him he understood his reason but thought he’d be interested in going because Kent was being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Kent was thrilled to hear that news, especially from Garth. The date had to be rescheduled and Garth and Kent performed together singing a couple of songs they had written in celebration of Kent Blazy's accomplishments. Kent Blazy was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2021 by his friend and co-writing partner Garth Brooks.

Kent is such an inspiring and humble man making sure to recognize other songwriters and artists that have been influences on him. This collection of songs is a tribute to those people, some of them are alive and some have passed.

Thank you Kent Blazy for your time talking about your career and From The Beatles to the Bluebird In A Country Minute. I truly enjoyed talking with you.



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