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Lauren O'Brien taking 'Another Shot'

Lauren O’Brien just released her latest single, Another Shot on April 28, following her former singles Weak Days and Match. She works well with a full plate of acting, musical theater, modeling, and performing. Lauren grew up in the Philadephia area where the performing arts gave her a solid base of confidence to sing on stage to perform her original songs. Lauren O'Brien and Ava Suppelsa wrote Another Shot, whom she met at an earlier co-writing event and has connected with her saying “Ava just gets me” and they have become good friends and a consistent cowriting pair in the process. Ava Suppelsa was also the co-writer of Weak Days which Lauren released earlier this year.

Lauren O'Brien - ICON Publicity

The setting of this lyrical story is a bar where the girl reunites with an old love while having a drink wondering if it is worth taking a second try and halfway forgetting why it didn’t work on the first try. Remembering the small details of each other's likes while reminiscing about the original connection. It has a peppy beat bringing the listener on the path of dancing along to the lyrical story of taking Another Shot after a past romance had ended. Lauren O’Brien has a captivating energy and gentle sound to her vocals keeping your attention through the story.

Lauren O'Brien finds inspiration in artistic lyrics and artists such as Kacey Musgraves, Kelsea Ballerini, and John Mayer.

Another Shot is the first early summer track to start a series of songs Lauren has planned on releasing leading into her first EP that she is working on for the latter part of the year.

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Thank you Lauren O'Brien for chatting with me about your plans and new music In a Country Minute!

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