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Leavin' Page Town debut's Ride or Die

This post isn't an introduction, it's a reintroduction. Cindy and Tony Haedt recently took on a new adventure as a singer-songwriter duo Leavin’ Page Town. They have been the Minnesota band front runners for Dram Shop Country for the last ten years. This new adventure expands their talents into performing at intimate songwriter sessions, and listening rooms, as well as recording and releasing original music. 


The name of their duo is inspired by Page Township, a northern Minnesota town that Tony and Cindy call home, the place they return to that gives them inspiration and rejuvenation. A series of events took place that gave Tony and Cindy what they needed to confidently pursue this path with Leavin’ Page Town. Meeting producer Greg Huberty (Loud Cow Studios) at the Midwest Country Music Organization Awards was one of those connections that inspired this path. A Nashville trip gave them some inspiration for songwriting as well.

Cindy and Tony are members of the Texas Country Music Association and the Midwest Country Music Organization, leading them to travel and perform through many states. Tony and Cindy have connected with many other artists including some Red Dirt Country artists throughout Texas as well as the upper Midwest. Leavin’ Page Town plans on releasing singles throughout the year and finally, an EP to conclude the year.   

The debut single for Leavin Page Town is a love story, Ride or Die. Written by Cindy and Tony Haedt and Josh Morningstar (Must Be the Whiskey by Cody Jinx), produced by Greg Huberty. The video for Ride or Die was shot in December on a farm on the upper level of a working dairy barn while the cows were below with birds flying through the rafters, soon to be released.

“I was living’ life full speed ahead

Never thought that I’d see thirty then

This old guitar was my escape

Never dreamed it’d lead you my way

Your soul’s reflection of mine

You showed up in perfect time

You’re my reason why

Like a harmony you melt right in

You set me on fire

Baby, you’re my ride or die”

Keep up with Leavin' Page Town and their show dates on their website linked above.

Thank you, Cindy and Tony, for introducing me to your new adventure, I'll catch you at a show this summer, In A Country Minute


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