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Living in "Baseball Country"

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Bryan Ruby is a songwriter and singer and professional baseball player, originally from the Philadelphia area. He has been in Nashville since 2019 and was established as a songwriter just before the chaos of the next few years hit the music scene. Bryan has primarily been writing songs for the last few years and now expanding into performing his originals and well-known 90’s country songs for his set lists. Writes and cowrites are filling up his days, that is when he’s not training for the baseball season. I spoke with Bryan just before he headed to do a solo set later that evening, I promised I would keep a close eye on the clock, while we traded stories of our experiences.

Bryan Ruby grew up in a baseball-loving family and has lived a baseball-filled life for the last 2 decades. He has traveled the world, so far has played in 19 states, and 7 countries, and coached a youth team in Cuba. Bryan’s dad is a baseball coach and both boys (Bryan and his younger brother) got involved in the sport at young ages. Bryan worked for a local radio station in high school in an intern position which included setting up and organizing events, and calling contest winners, giving him a first-hand look at the behind-the-scenes of music, musicians, and fans. Bryan Ruby received a vocal scholarship to Vassar College, majored in Media Studies, and captained the baseball team leading them to First All-Conference Honors. He decided to become an artist instead of only writing because some of the music he is writing is so personal to him and he couldn’t see anyone else singing those songs in his place. Bryan has about 20 songs cut by other artists and has made it on the Texas Country Top 50 Chart and also iTunes Top 25.

As Bryan's baseball career is coming to a close and as his music career started to grow, it is no wonder his teammates requested Bryan to write their walk-up songs, which leads to his most recent single, Baseball Country co-written by Chad Sellers and Shane David Smith, released on March 17, 2023. Baseball Country is a high-energy summer anthem, an All-American country song about the love of the game. The perfect blend of Bryan’s two loves, music and baseball. Baseball Country is joining Left Field as the second single for the upcoming EP to release later this year.

Bryan Ruby brought the universal lessons he learned from baseball into his musical career. Baseball taught him how to focus, saying “You can’t have a hit every time you go up to the plate, and writing songs can be the same, you’ve got to just keep going up to the plate, show up, and do the best you can”. He has collaborated on projects with producer and sound engineer Chris Connors for some commercial music, including on the New England Sports Network. Bryan has been featured in People Magazine, Huffington Post, USA Today, and many others. Bryan will be touring baseball stadiums through the Spring and Summer, singing the National Anthem and God Bless America, playing pregame and postgame shows, and can’t wait to hear Baseball Country blaring over the stadium speakers.

Thank you Bryan Ruby for sharing your stories, love of music, and baseball. I can't wait for your mom to hear a "Known" artist cut one of your songs. It's coming.

There’s my music update In A Country Minute for Bryan Ruby and Baseball Country, coming soon to a stadium near you!

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