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Mary Heather Hickman and a Small Town Saturday Night

Arkansas-born, Mary Heather Hickman moved to Texas as a young child and now claims Tennessee as her home. Since she was a young girl, Mary Heather has dreamt of songwriting and singing like some of the traditional artists she grew up listening to. She traveled quite a bit performing at Opry shows across Texas and school talent shows all the way through high school. Mary Heather's dad told her as a young child if she was going to sing, she needed to write her own songs. Her dad's advice made a lasting impression on her and she started writing songs in elementary school, building up that dream to one day live in Nashville and write songs for her career.

After graduating high school, Mary Heather took a trip to audition for NBC's hit show The Voice. The experience she had there clarified her route into music. Meeting other artists with the same goals, hearing their music, seeing their paths, and the kindness of the show staff gave her a real-life look into how and what to do for her next step in starting her music career. Mary Heather moved to Nashville and started writing in groups a few times a day but also as a solo writer and writing songs for local bands. She used many of those songs for her own performances as well. The songs Mary Heather writes fall into an energetic, fun, and sassy lane, where the lyrics are memorable, a bit edgy, and have an unapologetic storytelling style. Being an independent artist has had its benefits with scheduling and planning releases, and she is enjoying that freedom for the time being.

Mary Heather is open to signing with a label if the right thing comes along with the right relationship but would be running the details by a few people before making a solid decision. The last 5 years of writing in Nashville have given her opportunities to open shows for Justin Moore, Toby Keith, Hank Williams, Jr., and Eli Young Band as well as be featured on Women of Country on iHeart Radio. Mary Heather Hickman's single Treasure currently has almost 3 million streams on Spotify and Baptist Parking Lot has almost 1.5 million streams as well. Mary Heather is becoming a TikTok sensation boasting over half a million followers. Small Town Saturday Night is set to release in mid-April and is no exception to that sassy tongue-in-cheek storytelling way she is mastering.

It will be available on April 14th on all streaming platforms.

Congratulations on your new release Mary Heather Hickman, thank you for our fun conversation In a Country Minute (more like an hour)

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