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Molly Lovette and the Story of Flower Girl

Molly Lovette had the sweetest fairytale story to start the lyrics to Flower Girl. Molly was witnessing her friend’s blossoming relationship and how often her friend’s boyfriend brought her flowers. Receiving flowers as an apology or for a special occasion tends to be the standard reason, this is a story of getting them as a gift ’just because’ and how it made her feel important. Hayley Payne and Gracia Harrison co-wrote this charming song with Molly Lovette.

Flower Girl has become many firsts for Molly; it is her fastest turnaround from writing to release, her first love song and Molly’s actual band is the recording band. The investment of these musicians in Molly and her dreams shows in the delivery of this recording. Molly said that it added a level of authenticity to the whole process and hopes to repeat it for future songs. Studio musicians have a way of delivering the artist's concepts into their music quite easily but for this, having her own band for Flower Girl was extra special.

Molly Lovette had moved back to Missouri after a year of college in Kentucky which is when and where she decided that moving to Nashville needed to be in her future plans. While she was home in Missouri she began writing often and creating a plan to get to Nashville to dive into a career in music. Her first weekend after moving to Nashville Molly Lovette was able to play her first show through a contact she had made on social media. Now Molly is routinely playing gigs at Nashville hotels during the week and gigs on the weekends in between traveling throughout the southern states and the Midwest. Heading home to St. Louis with a full band instead of a solo set has added to that excitement. Molly’s plan, for the time being, is to release singles, song by song. Letting each song get its own time and build her audience.

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CMA Fest was exciting for Molly Lovette, she was able to add an autograph session, sponsored by CMA. It was fun to see people she was familiar with from shows and previous travels. Being a performer for that star-studded week gave her a fulfilling and rewarding time to connect with fans and other artists.

The lyric video for Flower Girl was filmed in OSHi Flower Design which has also partnered with Molly Lovette to sell arrangements of daisies and roses that are sung about in Flower Girl, as a Molly Lovette- Flower Girl arrangement. (Click the name to get connected to them directly, 215 6th Ave N in Nashville, or call them at 615-254-6744)

Traveling always has some memories to share and Molly had a funny on-the-road story. The venue they were set to play didn’t have parking and they had to park at a local Target and walk to the venue, and it started raining while they were on their way to the gig. Showing up soaked and hoping there are hand dryers in the restrooms isn’t usually on the needs list in traveling, but this time it definitely was.

BUY FLOWERS FOR YOUR LOVED ONES. Take it from Molly, and make them pink, roses and daisies are also a good idea.

Thank you Molly Lovette for a fun conversation and explaining the story behind this sweet love song, Flower Girl.

I Appreciate you, Molly,


Flower Girl by Molly Lovette In a Country Minute


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