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Noelle Toland won't be in Limbo for long

Noelle Toland took the leap to move to Nashville about two years ago after graduating from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and starting a career, which was already far from her small hometown in Oregon. She has enjoyed performing since childhood and continued her love of the stage through her college years. Her biggest passion is songwriting and singing on stage. Noelle is an accomplished actress and has had placements in several films, movies, and TV shows, including Criminal Minds. Her training and experience in acting as given her the confidence to perform on stage. Noelle explained how it has not only helped her vocally but also emotionally to connect to the songs she is performing on stage. Moving to Nashville put her in a city full of musical talent and songwriters whom she is eager to learn from and work with. It has kept her humble and flexible while keeping her vision clear on her own career goals. Dolly Parton is an inspiration to Noelle, especially because of the grace and kindness Dolly has maintained throughout her career.

Photo Credit to Brickshore Media
Noelle Toland

Noelle Toland's last song release was I Want To See You Again, which featured Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Grammy Award Winning guitarist Steve Cropper. Noelle explained how she came up with the title Limbo, the third song released on this EP. The song idea was born lyrically first with the story of a relationship going in an unclear direction. Limbo became the perfect title describing the unknown, waiting on someone else but having all the power to walk away. Limbo is the final original song on the EP and is followed by a Patsy Cline cover of A Poor Man's Roses, giving tribute to her love of traditional country music.

Noelle Toland plans on auditioning for acting jobs in between shows and bookings.

thank you Noelle for our conversation, it was nice to get to know you!

Until next time, that's a quick peek into Noelle Toland's story In a Country Minute.


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