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Re Mattei's Ya Got Two Wheels- an unexpected love story

Re Mattei is a force to be reckoned with. She is a singer-songwriter, and guitar player that will surprise you with her detailed delivery of this love story. Ya Got Two Wheels is set to release on Aug 4 with music videos to follow. This sweet love story is an unexpected one. The poetic lyrics give you a picture of a girl in her cute summer outfit sitting alone in the quiet corner of a coffee shop and a guy pulls up on his motorcycle stealing her attention. You can feel her excitement and her emotions through Re’s detailed lyrics and sultry vocals. It appears to be a mismatch of love at first sight.

“Hangin’ out drinking Starbucks coffee

See ya pull up on a shiny Harley

Winning me over with that wink

Making me blush without sayin’ a thing

Your ink sleeve screams heavy metal

Ya kinda look like the Tasmanian devil

Never did feel like this before

My mind says stop-my heart craves more”


We might be a love song

That turns into you done me wrong

Sugar’s sweet when it’s on the tongue

In the heat maybe won't burn long

We could end like Tina and Ike

Hot and heavy then were cold as ice

Ya got two wheels - I gotta tank top

Let’s go for a ride - see where the road stops…”

Ya Got Two Wheels was co-written by Re Mattei and Michael Shepherd.

This is Re Mattei’s first release since Feels Like It’s Gonna Rain in 2018 and Flame Kissed which was exclusively a Spotify release in 2021, used in a Valentine's Day promotion for a local radio station.

Re Mattei had an album mastered and ready to release, but the uncertainty of the times put that on hold as everything else halted in the music industry and across the country. She was able to add some guitar accents to some of those cuts in the meantime. Re has a life full of music, she started writing songs as an elementary student. She was actually told by her school counselor not to pursue music because there was “already a Beatles”. Re’s dad encouraged her after finding out that information and told her “Follow your heart.” She went on to pursue music and graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a bachelor’s degree in guitar performance. Following graduation, Re auditioned for a band, a note was in her school mailbox about it, and joined Uptown Girls. The experiences she gained were life-changing from touring the coast, even when they did gigs that they didn't get paid, she continued until the band disbanded a few years later. Re Mattei enjoys the performing side of artistry as well as writing and releasing music. The personal side of music including meeting fans while playing live is where she thrives. Besides playing her original music, she enjoys playing covers of Dan and Shay, Keith Whitley, Patty Loveless, and Linda Ronstadt, and mixing in some current country songs. We talked about how different music sounds live verses on the radio. Live music has a visible energy and personality which creates an atmosphere that you miss in a recording. It is always interesting for me to hear perspectives from artists about how they see and hear music. It was a treat to chat with Re Mattei.

Re Mattei plans on releasing a couple more songs prior to the full album later this fall.

keep up with her on her other social media and music outlets- click the buttons below.

Thank You so much, Re Mattei for catching me up on life, memory lane, and music In A Country Minute.



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