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Remember the Party by Mark Taylor- the latest college anthem

Mark Taylor is livening up the music scene with his latest release Remember the Party on the heels of the acoustic version of Dust off That Dirt. Remember the Party will send you back into the college-life memories and give you a few good laughs while reminiscing. (or maybe send college parents into a panic about their college-attending children.) Mark said the song was written in about 45 minutes with Dave Brainard and Steve O’Brien, and the stories had him laughing even when sending the song off to producer Leland Grant.

"If you remember the party

If you remember the party

Don't care about the who, what, when, or the where

If you remember the party, were you really even there?

I can't explain why I'm wearing this Hawaiian shirt

But this Waffle House receipt paints a thousand words

I'm pretty sure my credit card statement's

Gonna read like a good time forensic investigation"

Mark Taylor has spent his summer performing at festivals across the country with artists such as Joe Nichols, Jon Pardi, and Russell Dickerson who have all been significant influences for Mark Taylor on and off the stage. Mark said he was excited to see country music fans in the most unexpected places like the northern areas of New York state. The country music styles may vary by region but the fan base is strong and supportive everywhere. Mark said being on tour with artists he grew up listening to and writing with the writers of songs he has listened to are repeatedly pinch-me moments that he realizes after 20 minutes of being in a writers' room.

Mark Taylor is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and graduated college with a degree in communication from North Carolina, playing music on the weekends through high school and college. Music brought Mark Taylor to Nashville after signing a publishing deal in college. Once he was looking to assemble a full band, his long-time friends from his home state of Maryland were able to join him and get their band (back) together after going their separate ways and playing for different groups. They have had some memorable travel times with overbooked hotels and long road trips together for weeks at a time. We agreed that is where the memories are made, in the unplanned, unconventional life events that you can laugh about when repeating the stories.

Mark Taylor has recently partnered with CALI Distillery to taste, design, and name his own bourbon whiskey – Steel String Signature which is available online through Great American Craft Spirits. Mark as a songwriter has had cuts by Amii Stewart, Whey Jennings, and more and has a song to be featured in an upcoming movie.

Thank you Mark for chatting with me about everything you have going on and sharing funny stories. And hey, you used that degree!

until next time, here it is- In a Country Minute! -Rose

Keep up with Mark Taylor on his social media pages, music, and website linked in the button below.


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