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Ridiculous concert expectations

After reading a few negative headlines about the recent Eric Church concert at US Bank Stadium, I thought I should give my own review. Most of that negativity I had read about was geared towards Morgan Wallen, the only thing I can think of people would complain about might be if they were comparing him to Eric Church. That would be completely unfair, for so many reasons, stating the obvious - experience, and the differences in the fan base.

As an avid concert attendee, I love concerts, the atmosphere, singing along, watching the

band interact and of course, a little dancing along never hurt anyone. (Unless someone is out of control and breaks your toe, that's a whole nother story). My favorite places are small venues because I like standing close to the stage. I am not a tall person so open sight lines are important. This was my first show at US Bank Stadium. As I said I prefer smaller venues, but Eric Church outgrew those years ago (US Bank stadium was sold out with over 51,000 people in attendance.)

We missed Ernest, he was opening the show as we struggled to find parking and had long lines to enter the building. Morgan Wallen sounded great, looked confident, and was active on stage during his set. I've seen him several times including 2 radio tour shows. His southern accent is deep, and I've heard his words sound a little bit unclear at times, he has

improved greatly over these last few years, but he didn't seem to struggle with that at all during this show. The crowd knew his music and sang along with so much energy! Morgan Wallen's Dangerous Album sat at #1 for an outstanding 51 weeks. People know his music. There weren't big showy lights or dramatics during his set which is not abnormal for an opening act. By the way, I am glad he's totally focused on the music and his performance. He interacted with the crowd and signed a few autographs from the stage. He appeared to have enjoyed the stage and crowd. His performance ushered in Eric Church very well.

Eric Church is a seasoned entertainer. He's creative and passionate about his music and was fun to watch. Church extended many of his most known songs and had a fun mix of the songs from his collection of albums playing through his set. Some of those songs I had nearly forgotten about. He paid close attention to even the youngest of fans surrounding the stage and signed items for them as he sang. I am extremely glad we stayed, we considered leaving because our seats were in the nose bleeds, actually the highest in the 3rd deck so we opted to find a place to stand behind a bar ledge a little farther back from the railings on the level below. I nearly fainted looking up to where our seats were, having anxiety about heights. We stood directly across from the stage on the upper deck.

I honestly don't plan on attending another show at US Bank Stadium. It is a sports venue 1st, not a good concert venue. The screens on the stage are enormous, the sound and video didn't sync properly, and the delay of it reminded me of Godzilla movies in the 80s. Sadly, yet understandably, the screens are your whole visual experience and can only show a small amount of what's happening on the stage. I think many things could improve the concert experience there, but it is still an enormous stadium. There was a double sound ringing the whole time. The quieter parts of the songs, especially the acoustic parts, were an audible mess, it was unintelligible. I don't get irritated or walk around whining about what I dislike about shows because my reasons for attending are for the connection to the music and enjoying the atmosphere and that was delivered at the artists' highest standards. There needs to be sound changes made, there's no doubt. That is not and shouldn't be reflected on the artists. The show was great. If you haven't seen either of them, get tickets and definitely go. Do yourself a favor and understand the venue that you are attending. It will stop you from wrong, unmet expectations and give you a realistic experience.

until the next concert adventure,


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