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Rob Wolf singing his way from Montana

What I have learned about songwriting is that many songs are descriptive of the writer’s lifestyle or real-life events. That rings true for artist and songwriter Rob Wolf’s latest release, How I Live My Life. He writes about his outdoor adventures and growing up in Montana, hunting, fishing, and driving cattle to pasture. Rob Wolf grew up in Livingston, Montana on 150 acres near Paradise Valley, best known from the Paramount show Yellowstone. Growing up in a smaller community, everyone knows you and everything about you but you learn your values, saying “I live by three rules; love God, love your family, and don’t take anything for granted.”. Rob gained a fresh outlook on life beyond his tight-knit community upon relocating to Nashville. Despite the vastness of the city, music taught him how to become part of a small community within it.

“I remember when I got my first pickup truck,

‘05 with a six-speed on the floor.

Until me and my best friend Jake, yeah, we plunged her in the lake.

Me and him have done some stupid things in the past, that’s for sure."

Rob Wolf talked about the back story of these lyrics in How I Live My Life, explaining that he was with his friend Jake at the lake, Rob hadn’t shut off the truck and engaged the brake, but the emergency brake cable broke and sent his truck into the water. Jake was worried about his fishing rod that was still in the truck, luckily the divers also rescued the rod when they pulled Rob's truck out of the water.

Rob Wolf travels back and forth from Nashville to Montana and spends a lot of time writing by himself in Montana and then collaborating with a writer he connected with in Nashville at times as well. CMA Fest was a highlight event for Rob last year. He talked about how he accidentally purchased a 4 day pass to the festival instead of getting a ticket to see Luke Combs. After enjoying the meet and greets and extra festivities at CMA Fest, he decided to repeat the purchase for this upcoming season.

Thank you Rob Wolf for sharing the stories behind the music..... looking forward to hearing more from you, In a Country Minute


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