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Sheva Elliot,the story behind 'Lost and Found'

Sheva Elliot is a songwriter and singer from the Los Angeles area whom I recently spoke with about the release of a very personal song, Lost and Found. Sheva was born and raised in California, the heart of rock and roll and the musicianship of those hard rock instrumental sounds. Sheva Elliot has developed her sound which leans towards a bluesy vibe mixed into soul-rock. She has been heavily influenced by Southern Rock and Soul. Lost and Found was written during an emotional period when Sheva had two loved ones struggling with addiction. The mental and emotional struggle of how and when to help and when to let go are the base of the lyrics. Sheva pointed out "Anything anyone is going through, to ask for help, we are raised in a society that is not a tribal society anymore and we're told by capitalism to be individualists....without a community I wouldn't be here, there have so many people in my life who have helped me through tough times, it would be nice if as a society we returned to that mentality of taking care of each other."

"Could you remember me

When I forget myself

Could you lend me your time

When my pride won’t ask for your help

And when I crumble

When my body turns to sand

Could you be my rock

And bring me back to land"


”Baby I will bring you back here

Be your lost and found”

The music video was released for Lost and Found on the 26th of May. The video was filmed on the California coast showing Sheva’s love for the outdoors and road trips to adventure.

This is Sheva Elliot's 4th release from her upcoming album.

Sheva is currently booking shows in California and is planning a record release party for the upcoming 9-song album, but first will release another single and music video for that one as well, which is set to be filmed in the desert.

Congratulations on the release of Lost and Found, Sheva. Thank you for telling me your story.

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