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Sofia Claire and her heartbreaking single "Forever Ago"

Updated: May 20, 2023

I recently got a chance to talk with Sofia Claire about her college career, her latest release, singing the National Anthem at rodeo competitions, and upcoming plans. Sofia is from Redwood City, California where she spent her childhood in theater productions and church choir. Sofia has recently graduated from college with a business marketing degree. Her brother is in the rodeo circuit and both of her brothers, her dad, and her uncle are in the San Mateo County Woodside Mounted Patrol. Through those connections, Sofia Claire was asked to sing the National Anthem for the Woodside Junior Rodeo. The Junior Rodeo is sponsored by the Mounted Patrol which helps to preserve the Western lifestyle in their area. From the performance, she grabbed the attention of the Grand National Rodeo, Lake County Rodeo, The Veater Ranch Rodeo, and also the Red Bluff Round Up. During the National Anthem at the Red Bluff Round Up, fighter jets flew overhead leaving her with an unforgettable memory. She has a list of rodeos she’ll be singing the National Anthem for throughout the season and at some she’ll also be playing a set. Sofia Claire has had a lot of practice singing the National Anthem but it still makes her nervous.

Sofia Claire’s latest release, Forever Ago started with the idea of how hard it is to say goodbye to a loved one or something that had captured your heart. Sofia uses the steel guitar, fiddle, and other traditional country background instruments for many of her songs. The mix of those instruments in Forever Ago gives it a sorrowful sound and expresses the emotions the lyrics tell. Forever Ago was written by Sofia Claire, Michael Wilkes, and Steve Bogard. The lyrics give you a clear picture of the effects of lost love.

I'd seen your face in a desert sunrise

Some other place, some other time

Every kiss every touch was a sweet déjá vu

Like a midnight rider you appeared, felt like I’d love you

a thousand years

Every night I close my eyes I’m still seeing you

You said you’d love me forever, now you’re already gone

I guess maybe forever doesn’t really last that long

They say in time I’ll get over

But time is movin’ slow

‘Cause it feels like you left me forever,

forever ago”

Sofia Claire covers songs by a variety of artists from Terri Clark and Johnny Cash to Gretchen Wilson, Travis Tritt, and Lainey Wilson.

Sofia opened for Dylan Scott at the Bakersfield Fox Theater

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thank you Sofia Claire for sharing your stories with me and reminding me how fun the rodeo is!


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