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Spring Break Fan Jam 2023 is in the books

KEEY-FM K102 Spring Break Fan Jam is in the books. It was a well-orchestrated event that went off without a hitch. Tigirlily Gold opened the show after an intro by Chris Carr and Company (Chris Carr, Kia, Sam Sansevere) and most of the K102 DJs. Amy James apparently was occupied at that moment, of course, her fellow DJ host had to tease her about it while she was off stage. Tigirlily Gold is a sister duo, Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh from North Dakota. After moving to Nashville and their latest release Shoot Tequila, they have a growing fan base, which followed their successful 2021 release Somebody Does. They also played another new release titled Blonde, a fun reference to Dolly Parton. They are a fun playful duo with tons of talent.

The next artist to hit the stage was Canadian artist Tenille Arts, in all of her sparkle and powerhouse vocals. Tenille brought on stage guitarist (Matt) for her set while she wowed the crowd with Somebody Like That, I Hate This, Last Time Last, Jealous of Myself (recorded and released with Leann Rimes), and Back Then, Right Now.

Then without a doubt, hometown favorite Rocket Club reversed time for a few minutes with their energy, and original songs, then introduced their new album Come on Home with the title track and Easy. Then cracking up the crowd with Four-Letter Word. North Country is always a Minnesota hit but another Rocket Club song has had a nice spot on KFAN Power Trip Morning Show with host and Rocket Club singer Chris Hawkey closing out the morning show with Otherwise. It is so fun to have them back playing together after a 9-year hiatus.

Jon Pardi was the headliner for the K102 Spring Break Fan Jam. The last time he played a show at The Myth Night Club was in Oct 2017 when he opened for Kip Moore. Jon Pardi charmed the crowd with his dance moves and southern accent like only he can do. Every word to every song was sung back to Pardi and it seems like he has had more hits than I can count. The fiddle player and guitarist joined Jon Pardi and were serenading the crowd with their talents as well, Terry Lee Palmer had a beer bottle as a guitar capo for one of the songs. Jon played fan-pleasing songs like Your Heart or Mine, Heartache on the Dancefloor, Heartache Medication, Tequila Little Time, and Mr. Saturday Night just to name a few.

The K102 Fan Jam shows are a big hit and have usually been filled with a mix of newer artists and seasoned favorites. The security team was attentive to any crowd issues and it seemed well managed from my viewpoint. The K102 crew is ready for fan pictures and conversations like old friends hanging out on the back porch. Spring Break Fan Jam 2023 was a welcomed celebration of a hopefully soon-to-change weather season. I appreciate the time and effort that is put into this show lineup and it is hosted so seamlessly like a well-oiled machine. Thank You KEEY-FM K102, Gregg Swedberg, and Patrick Knight for this break in the season for listeners to enjoy some of their favorite artists on the radio. See you next time!

that's my wrap-up for KEEY-FM K102 Spring Break Fan Jam 2023 In A Country Minute!


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