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Sweet Southern Comfort Remake for the 20-year Anniversary - Buddy Jewell and friends

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Not many people can say they have the friendliest name, nickname or not, Buddy Jewell has the friendliest name I have ever heard, and it completely fits him. Earlier this Spring, Buddy and a few of his talented friends revisited Buddy’s single Sweet Southern Comfort as a 20-year remake. Clint Black, Marty Raybon (Shenandoah), and The Bellamy Brothers joined Buddy Jewell and lent their voices and talents to give this song new life for its 20-year celebration. Sweet Southern Comfort explains the daily habits and commonality of the Southern lifestyle, sending you daydreaming into the deep South.

“Misty sunrise in my hometown, Rows of cotton ‘bout knee high,

Mrs. Baker down the dirt road,

Still got clothes out on the line,

Erwin Nichols there with Judge Lee,

Playin’ checkers at the gin,

When I dream about the southland,

This is where it all begins

From Carolina down to Georgia,

Smell the jasmine and magnolia,

Sleepy Sweet home Alabama,

Roll tide roll,

Muddy water, Mississippi,

Blessed Graceland whispers to me,

Carry on, Carry on,

Sweet Southern Comfort carry on”

Such a tremendous collective sound with these familiar voices representing their heritage and southern living in a song. Buddy Jewell realized in remaking this song with these artists, they represented 4 decades of country music.

Buddy reconnected with Clint Black who had produced the original album after Buddy won the first USA Network's hit reality show Nashville Star. Before winning the show, he was living in Nashville as one of the most requested demo singers and sang over 4000 demo songs.

Buddy talked about touring he is about to embark on into the European countries including Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Germany, and an Ireland trip he will be doing on tour this September. To date, Buddy Jewell has toured in 28 different countries. On an earlier trip to France, the jasmine was in bloom in Paris and once he arrived home, jasmine was planted in his own garden to replicate the scents of Paris.

I loved chatting about our faith experiences and hearing about the blessings Buddy has experienced with prison ministry and going overseas to play for the U.S. troops with Sergeant Major Kenneth O. Preston. It was refreshing to listen to Buddy share his faith and values of patriotism. He is a well-decorated artist and has been recognized by the Grammy's, ACM, ICMA, ICGMA, CMT CMA, ABC Radio Network, and also CMT for many awards and nominations.

Listen to Buddy Jewell on his Facebook page doing a Tuesday Tune segment.

you can also find him on Instagram and Twitter

what a blessing to get to know you, Buddy Jewell, looking forward to chatting again In A Country Minute.



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