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Unbridled, album by Megan Mullins Owen

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

I need to take some time to talk about Megan Mullins Owen and her album Unbridled. Megan is a multi-talented lady who plays the fiddle and mandolin, writes music, plays for the band Alabama, and recently published this collection of songs. Unbridled is a 13-song collection written or co-written by Megan Mullins Owen, some with Sarah Majors and Marla Cannon-Goodwin. Never Been Good at Letting Go was written by John D. Rich, Megan Mullins Owen and Kylie Sackley.

All American Family Band was the first song I heard, it has a spunky sound and story of a family on tour with all the laughs, fun, and behind-the-scenes stories of what happens on the bus, sounds like fun family memories.

The title track, Unbridled written by Annie Bosko, Megan Mullins Owen, and Jennifer Kathleen Hanson, is a pep talk for herself with impactful lyrics, and a quieter instrumental background for this ballad. Megan Mullins Owen is a hidden gem with a Keltic, blues, 90s vibe, and a traditional country sound. The Unbridled album is an easy listen and flows well the whole way through with a mix of ballads, energetic tempos, and heavy instrumentals. I would put Megan in the ranks of Wynonna and Martina McBride. Trampoline was written by Megan Mullins Owen, Mark D. Sanders, and Sarah Majors about honest thoughts and struggles of life’s up and downs.

I Aint Ready to See You Yet stood out to me, a story about seeing your ex and all the mental prep it takes. One of These Days is every procrastinator's affirmation. Mine All Mine is a fun little party song that will have you dancing around, it has a 90s vibe. The live version of Orange Blossom Special (penned by Ervin T Rouse) is full of fiddle skills, to the Nth degree. I listened to the full album on repeat for a few days without skipping any song. Unbridled has summer energy, windows down, the singing-along album that Megan Mullins Owen should be excited to share with the world.

That's my album review for Megan Mullins Owen In A Country Minute.


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