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Crazy One More Time

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

In anticipation of Kip Moore releasing his next promised album, a fan favorite from the 2012 album, ‘Up All Night’- Crazy One More Time is heading to radio with a bit of an instrumental change. I believe it is likely to set a mood of nostalgia for many fans, including myself. The song is truly one of his best creations that resonates with listeners, a beautiful memorial of a relationship with a relatable account of a long-lost love looking to rekindle that unrelenting flame. On the ‘Up All Night’ album there were successful releases like Beer Money and Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck which have more of a party crowd feel, in that logic, I understand the delay and rekindling of an old favorite, so to speak. Honestly, it's one of my all-time favorite songs. I had the opportunity this last fall to see Moore at his headlining show in Chattanooga. Headlining shows are my favorite ones, especially when I hear a variety of songs from album releases and EPs. The catalog of songs that were chosen had the band playing over 2.5 hrs. Not all the fans were veteran fans, but they were equally charmed. It seemed like I was in a time capsule, being reminded of each show I’ve experienced where the most recent radio release was such a crowd pleaser. The excitement didn't dull, it spread like wildfire in the venue, prompting the next song and the next song after that.

There's no doubt that even after a 10 year long wait, Crazy One More Time will have an enormous impact on radio, now we will all wait and see how it cycles through with a new spin on it in anticipation of the upcoming album.

Kip Moore is heading to Minneapolis Feb 26, playing at the historic First Avenue night club, more information is available on Crazy One More Time (Revisited) - YouTube

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