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When Mankato turns into Dallas for a night

A friend of mine and I took a little road trip to attend the Cody Johnson and Friends tour in Mankato at the Mankato Event Center. Corey Kent, a “new artist” opened the show. He sang his set list with great confidence and stage presence. I have that in quotes because he isn’t new by music standards, he is new to much of the public. He was a contestant on The Voice in 2016 and did well on the show. He has had a few album releases, one in 2020, and another in 2021 and a number of singles have released, with a lot of attention on Wild as Her with over 41 million spins on Spotify and two and a half million monthly listeners, he’s getting some recognition. I hope we see and hear more of him. It’s exciting to see him on a big tour lineup.

This was the third time I have seen Randy Houser in a concert. His vocals are almost ridiculous, such amazing talent. He has a fabulous range, never mind the power of his voice, the tone and song lyrics. If you haven’t seen him live, go. Without a doubt, you’ll be blown away at his vocal abilities and crowd interaction. His voice echoed flawlessly through this event center. He sang all his hits and of course his newest single release Note to Self. Every song is so well known, the crowd was well engaged, singing every word. Background stories to the songs always intrigue me and Randy shared a few stories including the background of Like a Cowboy which he wrote after visiting troops overseas.

Now we must talk about Cody Johnson. He is another powerhouse singer, seriously, wow! I have been listening to Cody for a long time, his music catalogs started in 2009 with Six String One Dream. He has been in the Texas country music scene for what seems like forever. He is well dressed on stage in his button-down dress shirt and cowboy hat, boots, and starched blue jeans. His passion for music is a shining light for the stage. He talked about his previous rodeo experiences and noted a documentary that I have in my queue to watch. His energy was amazing, his values and patriotism is bold and unapologetic. He is passionate about his faith in God and his family is the center of much of his lyrics. It was refreshing to hear the amount of people in the crowd replying to his stories and singing back his lyrics. I felt like I was in Texas for the night with these 3 men singing on the stage for those 3 hours. It was a beautiful night. Cody’s song Til You Can’t is a chart topper with over a hundred million spins on Spotify alone. Human the double album is a fabulous collection of songs for every mood, but his vocals will be what will keep you coming back.

All in all was a well worth it vacation day and little road trip.

my review, in a country minute.



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