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Who's 'Cuttin' Onions?

Kaleb King has kicked off his album release with a single that I would best describe as the emotional meaning of a relationship complete with a lyrical country twist. “Cuttin’ Onions” is Kaleb’s first release after a brief hiatus as a full-time musician. His last released song, Pieces of my Mind was released in 2019. Cuttin’ Onions, written with Adam Schwind and Adam Hood has had a great response so far surpassing the collective responses from previous music. Kaleb King is an independent Georgia-grown country singer and with the steel guitar singing through the lyrics, Cuttin’ Onions is no exception to his traditional music style. Kaleb King sings in collaboration with Adam Hood on this song and reminds us that country songs aren’t all ballads and sorrow, instead this one gives a ‘2 steppin' in a dance hall’ kind of vibe.

During his brief break, Kaleb kept himself busy supporting his family while his wife finished nursing school. In the chaos of the last few years, it seems that it was good timing for a musician to write songs and collaborate with other musicians, whether by zoom or in person. Kaleb used that opportunity to expand his craft, he traveled back and forth to some Nashville writing rooms, wrote a lot of songs, and created this collection of music. Reid Haughton and Dustin Herring also wrote songs with Kaleb King that will release in this collection as well.

Stay tuned, after a few singles, the entire album is due out in late Spring 2023.

Thank you, Kaleb (and youngest daughter), for entertaining me while we chatted about your career and musical doings. Be blessed.

in a country minute,


Kaleb King photo by Chris Beavers


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