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Will If You Wanna by The Hobbs Sisters

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The Hobbs Sisters released the video for their song ‘Will If You Wanna. The song takes you through the thoughts and emotions of connecting with someone you just met. Will If You Wanna is a reminder that love can find you in an unexpected time and place. It is an upbeat song perfect for the energy of the summer. Hannah and Lauren Hobbs along with Forest Whitehead and Nell Maynard wrote Will If You Wanna and the video was released on July 21.

The Hobbs Sisters, courtesy of 117 Entertainment

‘Don’t talk to boys under bar signs

Don’t normally dance, but this one time

I look in your eyes and and I feel like

One more tequila, will if you wanna

Next thing you know its sunrise

We’re both putting off the goodbye

We can’t help we go down smooth like

One more tequila, will if you wanna”

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