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A little about me...

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

I love music, especially live music, trivia, concerts and animals. I can be a nervous over talker in situations, and usually meeting new people is a major multiplier to that effect. I am a career hairdresser, and it is super important to me to make people leaving my chair feeling better about themselves than they did when they first sat down. I try to bring that aspect into everything I do, including interviewing artists. I will do my best to properly write about my experiences with artists and shows I attend. I hope it to be entertaining but also in a casual sense, to maybe break off some of the stiffness and impersonal side that you’ve maybe perceived on meeting someone slightly famous. It’s been a sore spot to think that many interviews seem repetitive and long, so here I started to think about short and sweet conversations and writing around that instead. Just maybe you’ll learn a little something about someone ….. in a country minute. Rose 🌹

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