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Brian Meulen is living for the 'Heaven in the Country'

I recently talked with Brian Meulen, an Illinois native, singer/songwriter, and husband to singer and songwriter Annie Vander. I recently did a feature on Annie and her music career and it is only fitting to combine them in this feature. Brian began songwriting and playing guitar during the shutdowns as many others did, I have definitely noticed a pattern of people digging into the arts during the shutdowns. Brian Meulen works full-time in the investment business world as a broker, and songwriting has become his hobby and creative outlet. Brian's wife Annie is in full pursuit of music and through all the travel, endorsement, and experiences of Annie’s career, Brian also found his place in the charm of songwriting. Producer David Norris has co-written with Annie and produced her music. While in Nashville connecting with David on Annie’s music, David encouraged Brian to jump in and join them in writing music. Brian had some notes on his phone about his life with Annie and then began putting the lyrics together and wrote Heaven in the Country. Brian Meulen is a 90’s hair band and rock music fan but has recently been swayed into country music by artists like Hardy and Warren Zieders through their mix of country and rock influences.

Brian Meulen

So, then there is the story of how Heaven in the Country got started... Annie Vander cowrote Tonight with David Norris telling the story about when she and Brian met, then in response to Tonight, Brian wrote Heaven in the Country. Brian said that Heaven in the Country is his side of their life story. Brian Meulen works in downtown Chicago but he and Annie live on acreage that backs up to a protected forestry area, allowing them to take full advantage of the quietness of the country living with their 3 dogs. Brian is proudly Annie’s biggest supporter, occasionally playing guitar in her band, traveling to Nashville to write with Annie and David Norris, making her music career first priority. Brian plans on releasing more songs throughout the year and collaborating to write music and hone his guitar craft.

Brian Meulen is building a catalog of songs to pitch to other artists and artist teams. His socials are in the links throughout

Thank you Brian for sharing stories and love of dogs with me. Chat again soon ~In A Country Minute


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