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JetJurgensmeyer's 'Falling Too', is all about that first young love

Jet Jurgensmeyer is a young artist but has the skill set of a seasoned artist. Jet grew up in Nashville, Tennessee surrounded by musical talent and opportunities. Jet’s parents owned a bar in Nashville where he started performing at a young age. Jet also began acting as a young child and added voice-over work to his talents as well.

Falling Too is Jet Jurgensmeyer's summer song release and it made its radio debut recently. Jet said hearing the radio station personalities play his song and talk about him when he was en route to the station for a radio tour visit was surreal.

Falling Too is a love story, a collaboration written by Jet Jurgensmeyer, Brian Sauerwald, Pierson Swanson, and Kyle Winski. Falling Too is the result of these songwriters being in a songwriting session without any direction to go in at the start of their session. They made a decision that if after about 20 minutes if it didn't get anywhere they needed to take a break and leave to go eat. It must have been a good motivator because, in the next hour and a half, they successfully completed the song. Falling Too is a song about the first young love experience that relates to everyone. Jet's unique style and vocals captivate the emotion in the lyrics for every listener to resonate with.

Jet Jurgensmeyer had another song release this fall which will lead to his much anticipated EP and album, due out at the beginning of 2024. All I Need is a Billy Joel-inspired song explaining that the love of your life should be all you need. Jet explained how you should be energized by that person and they should make you "comfortable to be yourself" around them.

Jet explained that he stays aware of his stage presence because it is all about “helping people forget whatever they are going through. The 3 minutes and 15 seconds of a song can change someone’s life”. Jet integrates his faith into his music hoping it will have an impact on the listener. Jet Jurgensmeyer plays acoustic shows, mostly just him and his guitar. Jet is writing songs about 4 days a week while attending college in Nashville. College has been a relatively easy transition for Jet because of the disciplined life he leads. He said he mastered the skill of sleeping well on a plane by just leaning the seat back and shutting his eyes, possibly from all the travel to and from California with his acting career. One of the most recognizable (for me) was Jet's role on the sitcom Last Man Standing playing Boyd. Jet has had a long list of roles, voice-over work, and currently 2 full albums.

Jet said he hopes to always be learning, and developing his craft and skills in songwriting and performing. The one thing he never wants to be is an artist who doesn’t grow. “When someone says, I do things the way I’ve always done it, that is not good, you have to grow and develop as you age and live your life”.

Jet Jurgensmeyer, thank you so much for talking to me about your recent music In A Country Minute. Travel safely and don't forget to use those brochure tips. chat again soon


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