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Malachi Jaggers reminds us what's important in 'Too Soon'

Meet Malachi Jaggers, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Indiana. Too Soon (written by Malachi Jaggers and Scott Greeson) was recently released in an acoustic version on the heels of the original version and music video. The video for Too Soon was created in the lyrical sequence of the song at Perdue University using the green screen by Jared Pike.  Too Soon's lyrics are a reminder of what happens much too often, especially on social media from some of the 'keyboard warriors' giving rude comments. Apparently, they weren't raised on the sayings that Malachi (and I) grew up on, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Malachi described Too Soon as a perception of life and to “Focus on the present, life’s too short not to be yourself and have authentic thoughts.” Malachi has made a point to pay attention to the positive side of things, even when life has challenges. Too Soon has an upbeat, dance-along energy that Malachi described as a ‘toe-tapper’. Malachi Jaggers hopes to “reach people for a positive purpose” with his music.

Too Soon Lyrics

“There’s a storm of thundering through my brain,

Windy words are blowin’;

Like a hallelujah hurricane

Written in sand, opinions of man,

Wash out to sea

Friends, say what they feel;

I keep it real

Not sure what to believe

No great philosophy

Or words that haven’t been said

No need to calculate

Thoughts, running through my head

I’m not the smartest guy in the room

I gotta say, it’s okay; if you sing a different tune

Life comes and goes too soon”

Malachi Jaggers and I also talked about life in Indiana, growing up in a farming community, family dynamics, and his family history. Malachi has prior releases discussing some of these things. In 2021, he released the single American Hero showing honor to his grandfather and his military service during World War II, complete with a video filmed at the Nickel Plate Railyard where his grandfather worked post-war. Malachi Jaggers also wrote Wilma Jean and included it on the Fearless EP. The song is about his grandmother and her tough childhood, marrying his grandfather, and parenting their 8 children on a farm in Indiana. His Grandmother was the fastest runner in her class and nicknamed Wilma Jean Flying Machine. Malachi learned that from his grandfather when his grandmother was close to the end of her life. Hearing the stories behind these songs makes them a beautiful tribute to his grandparents. 

Malachi Jaggers - courtesy of Brickshore Media

Malachi Jaggers grew up in a musical household. His dad was a musician who played in bands and his mom was also a singer. Malachi's father taught Malachi guitar chords and songs at a young age. His musical influences were mainly 60’s and 70’s music, from the Beatles and Tom Petty to Neil Young. Today he is influenced by creative writers and musicians like Keith Urban and Vince Gill. While Malachi and his wife Leah were vacationing in Tennesee, Leah pursued an open mic night for Malachi. He was granted a slot at the Bluebird Cafe (watch it here) and then another local Nashville bar.  

Malachi Jaggers is a full-time musician playing shows anywhere from coffee houses, and wineries to fairs, festivals, and opera houses. Keep up with him on his website and social media pages linked below. Thank you Malachi for such great conversation In A Country Minute!


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