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New Team, A Single, and an EP on the way from David Tucker

 I recently caught up with David Tucker to discuss his newest song, Break It Too. Break It Too is a relatable story of a disappointing and unreciprocated love but not allowing the person you gave your heart to the power to break it. Driver Williams and long-time collaborator Jake Saghi wrote Break It Too with David Tucker. David has a new support team since we last spoke and he is as motivated as ever to release new music and he is set to release his EP in the fall. David Tucker said he has videos in the works for each song and acoustic versions for those 6 tracks as well.

Chorus of Break It Too

"You said I’m everything that you wanted

But here I am and you don’t want it

You said I’m everything that you needed

But I guess it’s inconvenient

To say you love me and mean it

But you can’t give me a reason

If it ain’t me you’re looking for then baby who

Cause you can’t have my heart and break it too"

David Tucker moved to Nashville from his hometown in Kentucky at 19 years old, eager to start a full-time music career. After that initial move, he worked welding skyscrapers during the day while playing shows at night.

About a year ago I interviewed David following the release of the singles Water it Down and What You Think About This Song. David had been recovering from a terrible car accident, which was re-enacted in the video for Water It Down(review here) I asked him to share a few details about his recovery and found out his lower leg was rebuilt with titanium. The only thing he said he notices is the difference in the size of his ankles and the pressure in his knee when there is a storm.

David Tucker divides his time between writing, producing, and playing shows. David has had some other opportunities to use his platform and talents to influence the community of young people. David recently spoke at the Tennessee D.A.R.E. conference and performed for the attendees. He also delivered a speech at a D.A.R.E. high school graduation and was deeply touched by the stories shared by the students and by watching them make the D.A.R.E. pledge. As a young child, David attended D.A.R.E. conferences with his grandpa, who was a D.A.R.E. officer, creating a full-circle moment for him.

Keep up with David Tucker's social media and music by clicking the button below

David Tucker will be performing at the Tennesee State Fair on August 23

Congratulations on the new single, David Tucker, it was nice to catch up with you In A Country Minute!

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