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Tyra Madison dropped 2 singles that are sure to catch attention

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Tyra Madison has released two songs recently that I got a chance to talk with her about and also about life in Nashville, songwriting, and of course, her amazing fashion.

Tyra released Hurts a Little Less over the summer. The song was written with a past love in mind explaining that every time there was separation in the relationship, the relationship began to fizzle, and it Hurt A Little Less. Tyra’s expressive lyrics describe this relatable story of a fading love when the other person repeatedly ends the relationship, each time it Hurts A Little Less.

Tyra also explained the story behind Rebound, her latest single. Rebound is about a girl wanting to start a relationship but not wanting to be the Rebound girl for her new love. There are a few basketball references in it understandably from a girl in a sports-loving family. Tyra’s mom and brother were both basketball players and her dad was a baseball player. Tyra said she was always the entertainer in her family.

Tyra Madison moved to Nashville from a small town in Kentucky in 2015, from where you would guess, everyone knows everyone and probably everything about you as well. She remembered being pulled over in high school and not telling her parents, thinking that her dad would not find out but the officer was a friend of her dad's. Moving 3 hours from home, Tyra has made her place in Nashville, frequently writing, recording, and playing writers' rounds and making content for social media during the week, making room for out-of-town shows on the weekends. The writing sessions Tyra has attended have had a variation of talented people to learn from and have different strengths to move forward with in putting together a song. She noted that one song release takes a village of people that can go without recognition, it takes the work of the writers, producers, musicians, mixers, photographers, graphic designers, and text creators working together for every project.

Tyra Madison has opened for many artists including Nelly, Lonestar, Maddie and Tae, Earnest, and Priscilla Block. She enjoys taking photographs with friends and social media interaction and sees a lot of activity on her TikTok. Click the buttons below to connect with Tyra Madison on her other pages.

Tyra Madison's fashion was also a notable topic for us to discuss. Her fashion is a statement of her confidence and taste. Tyra said she gives credit to her mom for much of her fashion pieces for her shows but also has developed her own fun way of styling.

Thank you Tyra for bringing me insight into all the aspects of your creativity and talents In A Country Minute.


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