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Texas Artist Anthony Bonnette 2 new songs will help set your summer mood

Anthony Bonnette was born and raised in Lone Star, Texas, most known for his song Funny Man, produced by Merle Haggard and Toby Keith, and covered by Rodney Carrington in 2009 for Capital Records Nashville. These 2 new song releases follow Lone Star Steel which reached over 2.1 million listeners and has over 120K streams.

Earlier this Spring, I spoke with Anthony Bonnette about his newly released single Lion Tamer, a song describing the passionate relationship between a masculine man- "rough as 40 grit and hard as nails, wild as the wind in a pirate's sails" and the woman- "Meek and mild as Amazing Grace, all dandelions and ribbons and lace. "

Anthony described himself as a movie buff paying close attention to movie lines. After hearing that, it was no surprise to learn that the inspiration for Lion Tamer came from a line in the film, Second Hand Lion, which Robert Duvall delivers, "I've won and lost a dozen fortunes, killed many men and loved only one woman with a passion a flea like you could never begin to understand.”

Galveston is the backdrop to this next song, Do You One Better about a young romance sparked on the beach.

"Met you down at the coast last summer Gulf wind blowing your hair

standing right where he left you

Crying underneath the pier

we sat in the sand

and watched a couple sailboats sail

I had a shoulder

and you had a story to tell...."

This danceable love story unfolds with the hopes of a fairytale kind of love,

"Girl, I can do you one better, stay with you forever and you'll never be lonely again"

The creative process is an intriguing concept and I appreciate the transparency Anthony Bonnette shared with me in his process. Anthony said he starts the day by rehearsing the known lines and phrasing of the songs he is working through. To flush out ideas, he takes his dogs out on a walk but hums or works on the lyrics in one way or another the entire day until he feels satisfied with the result. Bonnette said he enjoys studying poetry as a way to write metaphorically and representatively because he is otherwise a literal thinker and speaker.

Thank you, Anthony Bonnette, for sharing your love of music and movies. I am working on my top 50 movie list ... In a Country Minute

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photos by Malorie Roland

music produced by Chad Mauldin, Mauldin Productions


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