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Cali Tucker IS Country Couture

I had a fabulously extensive conversation with Cali Tucker about a range of things: Music, Nashville, Las Vegas, and of course, fashion. It was great connecting with her and getting to know her a bit. I first saw Cali as a competitor on NBC’s The Voice about 10 years ago, where she landed on Blake Shelton’s team during Season 6. Cali has since then, moved to Las Vegas with the encouragement from her Battles partner on the Voice and now headlines shows in Las Vegas 6 days a week, entertaining her audiences with comedy and vocal talents while engaging the audience in her charming performances.

 Cali Tucker recently released Country Couture, song and video that expresses her personality as an artist to a T. The song celebrates country music, full of energy and freedom, and the video is full of fashion showing off 32 outfit changes from past pageants, dances, and personal favorites including outfits of Cali’s mom from the 70’s. Country Couture shares some of the highlights of Cali Tucker’s life through clothing and lyrics. Her energy, charisma, and songwriting talents shine through in the lyrics, mentioning her favorite designers and confirming that one can love the country lifestyle while enjoying high-end fashion without apologizing. Country Couture was written with producer G’harah “PK” Degeddingseze and Tricia Battini. 

Cali Tucker is working on branding a label for the Country Couture clothing line following the release of her single. She aims to appeal to a variety of price points and fashion styles. Cali looks forward to runway shows and making Country Couture a household name. 

Cali Tucker grew up in Nashville, competing in the Miss Teen pageant circuit, and started her music career in the city. Cali paid her dues bartending, and performing at writer’s rounds until she auditioned for the Voice. Cali comes from a talented family, the daughter of LaCosta Tucker, the Capital Records recording artist, and the niece of Tanya Tucker. Cali Tucker has worked hard and purposed to not lean on her family’s successes. She said The Voice changed her life by motivating her to try something new. After leaving the show, Cali signed the lease on a place in Las Vegas sight unseen; a 400 sq ft apartment. Cali found “her sound and niche” in Las Vegas interacting with the crowd, writing songs true to herself, and "dialing them in with a team."

Cali Tucker has a lot to say in her music and performances, it's time for her to reach the rest of the world with it. Country music is versatile, and Cali hopes her music will not only appeal to traditional fans but also reflect her personality.

Thank you Cali for spreading the joy of life through your music,

congratulations on Country Couture!

until we chat again, In A Country Minute


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