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Charity Event Captures the Heart of Alannah McCready

I think most people have a charity they connect to in some fashion. Recently I was chatting with independent Nashville artist Alannah McCready and we talked about a charity performance she will be taking part in that is close to her heart. Alannah will be performing at the Willow Tree Winery in Ham Lake, Minnesota, at Summer Sounds Charity Music Fest on Saturday, Aug 27th. This event is for the Brown Boys Benefit which supports the funding for the families of NICU babies at Children’s Hospitals in Minneapolis and St Paul. Alannah's nephew was born premature and spent the beginning of his life in the NICU. He is now 11 months old and her brother and sister-in-law have him facetime with his auntie every day.

Alannah is originally from a suburb on the north side of Minneapolis, where she successfully balanced singing and playing hockey. She spent her high school years singing in the choir and bouncing between goalie training and team practices. Alannah earned a full athletic scholarship and attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison, completing her years there with 2 NCAA Women’s National Championships as a hockey goaltender.

Alannah moved to New York to pursue a career in public relations for a sports management company, where she managed the daily lives of about 20 NFL players. Her love of music came calling and she packed up and moved to Atlanta, traveling back and forth to Nashville to pursue music full time before taking up her residence in Nashville. Alannah has released 2 prior projects, Love Hangover in 2015 and Ricochet Heart in 2018. She has been able to use her communications education and experience to do much of her own promoting. She has since partnered with a publicity team at Aristomedia and plays on stages for writer's rounds in Nashville and regularly at the Tin Roof locations.

The pursuit of sports and music seem different in so many ways, but some things bridge the two fields, like building character and wisdom. Having learned to function in such a structured schedule, and being self-motivated are both assets to have in any career. Sports teaches so many aspects of teamwork and how to maneuver through different personality traits and opinions. It also teaches decisiveness and self-confidence and those are all fabulous qualities to have in the music industry.

Alannah McCready is a powerful singer with a fantastic smoothness to her vocals. She writes relatable music, pouring her experiences into songs. You'll hear an influence of the 90’s country style with a mix of soul and pop country to please anyone's taste in music. The 5 song EP Back to Me has a mix of these song styles starting with duet partner Will Gittens in Can I Call, explaining the sorrow of change in a relationship. A self-confidence charmer in the title track Back to Me that would make Martina McBride and Trisha Yearwood proud. The remaining 3 tracks have equally powerful lyrics. Something Like That, Take it Slow, and On my Own complete this EP perfectly.

It was a pleasure to chat with you Alannah and I hope to catch up with you again to celebrate your success with these recent releases.

there you have it, In a Country Minute


Cover Art for Back to Me EP

Photos by Alex Berger

Weird Candy Creative Group

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